Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Toads

Well, every creek for a few hundred miles is in flood stage, so things are a little quiet around Neil Creek.

While out staring at the rising waters yesterday (got a few before the backeddy collapsed), I got a chance to wander around in the woods and happened upon this little guy:

Yes, that IS a nickel he is on.

According to my wife the biologist, this is Bufo boreas boreas, the Boreal Toad, and this particular guy is young-of-the-year, meaning about 5 months out of the tadpole stage.

Interesting what you find on the salmon stream, innit?

The next toad is courtesy of the Mad Z, who recently returned from his annual "Spey Pride" trip into Canada. Z preps for these trips for his entire year, then goes off and drives himself nuts on these huge rivers, waving long rods with huge flies, chasing gigantic steelhead for weeks on end. When he returns, he has Hell to pay in the form of 3 weeks backlog of work, but he claims that it is all worth it.

After seeing this fish, I almost believe him.

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