Sunday, September 2, 2007

The View From Outside the Box

Took out the new stick in search of Coho today...

Sage finally got one right. The Z-Axis is a sweet rod, and the 8110 is a great tool for SouthEast. Paired it up with an AirFlo 40+ 9wt full-float, wrapped that on a Nautilus FW 7+, and slapped some 'Hos around in a big way.

Met up with the Big B at a local, and we proceeded to empty our flyboxes at some very showy fish.


Finally resorted to a sneaky stillwater tactic...

If you are a sensitive, tradition-bound fisher, you may want to avert your eyes for the next few lines. If you have no problem with synthesis in your fishing, then read on.

Finally cracked the code with a nymph about 6ft below a bobber (not a strike indicator), sunk with a few splitshot and swung in a seam. With a switch rod. Using the venerable snap-c.

Some days, when they want whatever you throw, you can get by on tradition alone. Other days, you gotta listen to the fish...

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