Friday, August 17, 2007

We'll take the next-best water...

Made some discreet calls in the AM, got the Fanz and Big B to buy into a trip to a little-known glacial river a skiff-ride away from the Chronicle HQ. We convened at Spot X, Map Y to slap the stealth jet into the water and sneak outta town...

Looks like we got beat to the good water.

As many times as I have run into bears, that's how many times I've JUST MISSED a wolf while out fishing in SouthEast. There's a spot on the mainland that I get to a few times a year that occasionally has tracks literally covering the bay, thousands of wolf prints... Word has it that the wolves come down to this bay in the morning and evening to stalk and chase geese, but I have yet to witness this phenomena, and all it looks like to me is as if the Flagler Track moved it's hound racing business from Miami-Dade to this particular beach in AK.

Sure, you see wolves. I see them occasionally on Beaver flights in and out of town when they are way-the-hell-up in the alpine ...but generally not at sea-level, and then not in the summer.

There's a locally famous wolf, nickname of Romeo (for his amorous advances towards local dogs), who comes down to Mendenhall Lake every year during the winter. Why does he play with dogs, you might ask? Looks like he is just tenderizing them...
At any rate, I have yet to actually sight a whole wolf in a riparian environment.

Sounds like a good enough reason to keep going fishing.

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