Monday, August 20, 2007

Dispatch from Geekistan

FINALLY got my hook order in the mail, and not a minute too soon. Last night saw me crawlin' around underneath my tying table, searching for hooks that I might have dropped some time in the distant past, and rooting through wads of old gear trying to determine just how much rust would turn a fish off...

As it turns out, The hooks that I got are gonna work juuuuust fine. (see: Movin' to Geekistan)

The Kamasan B983 is a bead-fisher's dream. Fine enough wire to pull out of an angry, ass-hooked chum salmon (these things happen), but not so springy that the big boys give you two shakes and the fin. Very nice workmanship on the hooks as well, showing well-formed eyes with no line-cutting edges, chip-barbs that push back easily for fish-friendly hooks, and a low-vis "black chrome" finish that does not distract our finn'd friends from the bead...did I say bead? I meant scrumptious egg dinner.

The Daiichi 1150 is still the Bee's Knees, but if the B983's hold up in the durability test then a new cham-peen will be crowned.

Also got a pack (or 4) of Daiichi 4250, an expensive, Japanese version of the old Eagle Claw egg hook. These hooks have potential, but they are better suited to chasing stockers with "Balls o' Fire" than riding shotgun for a bead, lookin' for the big boys. I have a feeling that these will end up somewhere in my "Loaner / Client" bag, if you know what I mean.


To Recap:
Kamasan B983...Bitchin'.
Daiichi 1150...That by which all others are judged.
Daiichi 4250...goes well with a snoopy outfit and some corn.

Stay tuned...I feel another batch of geekdom coming on. In the meantime, check out two of the many test-subjects.

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