Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And Now, We Dance!

Some Musical self-abuse, provided by a guy and his mando.

The Mando is a "Carver" A-style, built By Chris Standridge of Vancouver WA. Chris is a great luthier and ex-Alaskan who is gaining a name for himself in the arena of "Mandolin Builders with Mojo"...and considering that you could drop $25K for a Gil, a Dude, or a Nugget these days, his $3-4K hatchets are a STEAL.

The Tune is "Trombolin / Jack Across the Way", first ditty-ized by Bil hisself, later waxed by Skip Gorman. My version ain't exact, but "it'll do, pig".

And finally, the Synch problem is mine too. Can't figure out how to get the vid and the sound synched up so the hands and tune are in synch...Makes me look like a wannabee with an old mando and a scratchy record...


Edit: the quality is waaaay better Here , but I dig the embed thingy...

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