Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Valley of the Large

The call came at 8:44 am...

Diggler: "Whaddya doin'?"

Me: "Uhhh...workin'."

D: "Well, if you get out early, Let's go fishin'."

Me: "OK...Can the Fanz come too?"

D: "Absolutely."

...Which led to the fastest workday of the summer.

We were at the Airport by 11:15 am, armed with Flyrods, sandwiches, cigars, and a sixer of tallboys, ready to go wherever the Diggler and his Magic Carpet felt like going.

After a pleasant flight with only one spine-wrenching downdraft, we arrived at...the River.

At this point, words fail me. Maybe sometime at a later date, I will be able to provide further insight, some witty banter, and a wry comment or two regarding the bear trails, the mist and fog, and having my door open at 1600ft when I wasn't really ready for it...

But for now, these photos will have to do. The River, and 2 of about 200...enjoy.

I know I did.

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