Sunday, August 12, 2007

Doin' Easy the Hard Way

Another day, another local.

Woke up late in a fit of panic, wondering why my alarm clock didn't go off and why my wife didn't wake me up for work.

Then I remembered that today is (was) my first official "Day Off" this summer...oh yeah, and my wife is somewhere over Hinchinbrook Entrance in a Beaver, doing airsick-inducing circles while trying to track seals...

Tied up some new rigs over coffee, then got picked up by the Fanz and we were off for an enjoyable day of harrassing the local anadromous denizens.

Bright sunshine was the fact of the day, and with it an oppressive heat like the one Matthew Broderick's character in Biloxi Blues rants about-

"Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot. "

-and at any rate, our eyelidless anadromous friends were doin' the deep thang, sulking in the plunges where no mere mortal can reach them.

But reach them we did. Fact is, we got more adipose than mos' folks...but the Fanz and yours truly are kinda used to that now.

Folks seem to make a simple thing like fishing for dollies (traits and attributes, see previous post re: slash and grab) pretty damn hard.

We ran into a few of the local "Flyfishing Cognoscenti" in the parking lot and exchanged pleasantries and fish stories. Usually, in meetings like this, vagueness and misdirection are the order of the day, but one of these heads is a bud of mine so we actually exchanged mostly truthful info.

As the gory details of his day came into finer focus, he actually told me that they "couldn't get away from the salmon and find dollies". Then I happened to get a glimpse of the beads they were using, as one of the guys was taking down his gear (said guy is a rod company mouth...not gonna say which company, but it starts with an S).

Fluorescent Orange.

No wonder y'all had such a damn problem with the humpies eatin' your bead. Ever heard of "Match the Hatch"? When's the last time you saw a fish egg that looked like it's Mom was a Highway Cone? And what self-respecting dolly would eat such an abomination during egg-drop?

Some folks seem to make the Easy real Hard.

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