Thursday, August 9, 2007

Throwin' Plastic

Went out to one of the locals tonight, post-work. Stopped off at the house just long enough to roust the pooch, check the messages and ditch the cellphone. Grabbed two beers for good luck and went beadin'.

When it comes to fishing, I like to cover all the bases...Swing a little for steel, Nymph where appropriate, throw spinners every now and then on the hardware rod. Jigs when necessary for coho, surface stuff on they flyrod when they're on top...Got a foot in most camps, really. Of all the methods and means, I dig beadin' for Dollies the most.

There are folks out there that shudder
at the thought of nymphing, and would probably howl "Unclean! Unclean!" at the very sight of a proper bead rig, but to me, it's an art form. The bead doctored just so, ridin' just..about...there above the hook, getting the weight right for the deadest of dead drifts...all part of the game.

So when I got to the local and saw this...

I got a little giddy.

Sneakin' through the Humpies is a blast. If you have the right color and are all tuned in, this kind of run yields results.

OK, I'll admit, Dollies are not the sharpest knives in the drawer during egg-drop. They tend to feed in a slash-and-grab style in the riffles, and a well-placed porkchop would probably net you a few hits. But in the tailouts where the big boys hang, they get a little more time to check out your rig, and give you the fin if it doesn't pass muster.

The fishing was good, with many dance partners of assorted sizes. Got the fin more than once tonight, too. Got it from a big fella, but I got his address and I'm going back to pay him a visit tomorrow night.

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