Thursday, May 8, 2008

Places you haven't been #241

"Does your Corned Beef come out of a can?"

What a way to start. Corned beef hash ("we make ours from scratch", the waiter curtly informed us), 2 eggs sunny-side-up for the good luck liquid chicken, and enough coffee to make a fella twitch. Today was a play day - No Clients, no worries, no curfew.

A steep dive into a small slough after a long flight, and we were in an isolated end of the world. More bears than folks, if you know what we mean. We tied up the plane and hit the trail, lookin' for love of the finny sort.

What we got was lots of fin, with just a little love thrown in as an afterthought. Dozens and dozens of fish turned up their noses at our offerings, scores gave us the full on "2 Fins Down" for each and every color and profile change we went through. We sorta cracked the code at one pool, only to Gomer off a fish after not checking our leader for nicks after a particularly toothy fight.


Things got better a little further down. In one particular hole, we managed to go 2 for 4 with a few other nips n' chasers on a new color iteration of the moneybug.

The Fanz was busy kickin' out the jams in the lowholes. The home team had some new players, ballers fresh in from the Salt League, and they were game for a tussle or two...or 18. Home team had the advantage, with slippery rocks, 2 sets of rapids and one downed tree, but we didn't come this far to slink home without leaving it all on the field, Jack. A solid 3 hours, many fish on and many fish gone, and it was once again time to make a run for the plane. After a few fish hooked and one landed in the lowholes, Diggler made a late showing on the jog back to the plane, artfully plucking some chrome from in front of rootwad.

An exciting yet uneventful takeoff followed by a long flight in which all of us consumed our now-remembered lunches, there was plenty of time to reflect on what had just happened. Long stares out the windscreen, replaying the day's highs and lows, looking for the pattern that may or may not exist...

...Happy knowing that even though only some came to play with us, there were many more there just to watch the game.

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