Thursday, May 15, 2008

End Game

6 days left in our spring steelhead season.

There will be fish around for another few weeks, but we are gonna roadtrip for a week to celebrate our 13th year of together-ness and our 7th year of marriage to the Wife.

A plane flight is in order, with the fine Emerald City as the destination. Base camp will be the parental fortress high in the cliffs of West Seattle, and our trusty steed will be an economy model from Alamo.

From there it is off to the Carver Mandolin shop in beautiful downtown Vancouver, WA...coincidentally, the home of our homies at Rajeff Sports, who are also going to get a visit. On to Astoria for the night, then the plan is to take 3 days and drive the loop back to OlyWa, checkin' out the sights as we go. We spent a lot of time in that country, so it will be fun to share it with the other half.

There might be some steelhead around when we get back, but We ain't holding our breath on that one. The plan is to burn it at both ends until we get on the plane next Wednesday, use up all the mojo, then recharge for dolly season.

After the back-wrenching pirate trip on Sunday, it was imperative that we leave the RedNeck Ride at home, and take the official Pirate Ship out for a ride... a little tougher on the wallet, but much easier on the spine.

Monday and Tuesday were high-water, fish-filled events. If we weren't nursing a hangover and about to go do this all again, we would probably wax poetic about nature and ponder our place in the cycle of our anadromous friends, then revel in the complete and total awesomenality of it all. As it is, we're short on time, so enjoy.

Us: 5, 6
Fish: at least 12 more than us...and the Beaver (sub for Moose)

The Home team is kicking our asses, but we don't really mind. We're sorta dumb that way.


Mike Duddy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, you have caught some nice fish, good photos too.

Anonymous said...

is tat a bear?