Monday, May 12, 2008

Now we know why Pirates say "Aaaaargh"

We took a jet-powered ride yesterday, across the namesake of the Pirates Association to a big bay with a few streams flowing into it.

We have wanted to go there for awhile, but the Weather always seems to get in the way of a good time on the Canal. 10 miles of open water and a southern exposure all the way to Hawaii, this isn't a place that a fella can just waltz around in a 16ft flat-bottomed boat. You gotta sneak in, sneak home, and never let the Weather know you are there.

At any rate, the "there" part went pretty smooth. Little lumpy, but the tide was going the right way and the swell was just long enough to surf the RedNeck Ride to a few extra mph, making for a quick trip.

Upstream to the booty...

On the way back, Fanz assumed captain's duties of the pirate ship, while we held down the bow. 30 minutes of ass-pounding, bone-jarring fun, then back into the lee of the little islands on the mainland.

8 minutes into eternity. Not sure, but this is probably when we pulled the muscle that connects our spine to the rest of us.

Sometimes, you have to suffer to get the booty.


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really, I have no further comment. just badass.

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