Monday, May 5, 2008

Is This Thing On?

Testing, Testing...


Just in case you missed it, Spring has officially arrived in the Alexander Archipelago.

Balmy 40° temps and a 900ft snow-level aside, the first finny friends of spring arrived early last week to check out their new digs. With average to good numbers of these piscine partygoers showing up in various local flows, all signs point to this developing into a hell of a soirée.

We checked out some of the action yesterday at a mainland stream, catching a ride with Junior, who has migrated back to his Alaska home for a summer of guiding. After a few years in some hellhole called WallaWalla, Junior came to his senses and crawled back, begging forgiveness and asking to have his fishing superpowers restored...

As you can see, it only works on dark fish for now. Give him a week, and he will be back to normal.

The girls always did like to play with us...truth be told, we don't mind playin' with the girls.

Some days, bucky, you don't wanna eat the pink squiggly thing.

Taking a break for a few days...we have clients today, and the Fanz arrives tomorrow. By Wednesday, Dog willing, we'll be back in the saddle again and gettin' our chrome on.

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