Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Last Good Cast

Tuesday marked the closing of the door on the SE AK steel season - not that it's over and done with, but a lot of flows have some serious spawning activity showing. Dim the lights, play Bolero, and close the door, people. You wouldn't want some fool walkin' in on you gettin' your groove on, so don't harass our finny friends.

Tuesday also marked the day that the Home Team got a whole slew of new players. Trying to play the game with 4 or 5 bears around is always good for some excitement, and their tremendous offerings to the Roman deity Sterculius make walking a bit of a...well, crapshoot.

At any rate, Killer K and Junior were in the hunt, throwin' and flowin' in the thick of the game. K picked up a sexy little hen in a tiny little well in the middle of nowhere, then poked another on his first cast into the horn o' plenty.

Junior was having a tough go of the day, but after several scale samples he managed to eke out a win at the Money Pit. Switching setups faster than a Vegas showgirl at a convention, Junior put together the right combination to please the big fish of the day, a mid-teens girl that just couldn't resist his dimples...or his 6" of swingin' string.

We had a slow start, content to watch the boys comb the river, happy to hang out in the trees and drink warm beer in a cool place. After a few holes we got into it, and managed to go 3 for 3 in our last game of the year.

The Last Good Cast

Anniversary RoadTrip leaves in a few to WA and OR to check things out, hang out with the wife, learn to dress and speak properly again.

Back in late May. Mojo rechargin' as we speak.'re next.

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