Sunday, December 7, 2008

Settlin' In

Back from the yearly obligatory peregrination to familial households...

Not that it is an ordeal, but it is still good to be home. Traveling to the outside takes a bit of work and more than a bit of coin, but we don't begrudge our families that fact. We try to make the most of our time outside, but always seems as though the meter is running. Adapting overnight to different schedules, being in "happy presentation mode" for the duration, sleeping in foreign beds... when it's time to come home, it's time to come home.

We are sad to report that no actual fishing took place during this road trip, but it is our own damn fault that it didn't. Ratbone got hung up in some work thingy that caused the original plan to be scrapped, and while the Fanz came up with a plan B, we didn't have the gear that would have made the trip fun. It's a flimsy excuse, and it was exacerbated by the post-trip fishing report we got, but we had our heart set on chasin' chrome.

We did get to hang out with (and get grumbled at by) Mike Kinney during a weekly casting session with the AATF folks. For those not familiar, Mike is a badass with the two-hander, and if you pay attention, a fella can get a lot of info on the art of casting in a very short time with him. We also got grumbled at by another hot caster, Aaron Reimer, during his weekly "spey for dummies" session. We got some good info from both fellas, and we now have a better idea on how to not look and cast like a doofus with the long twigs.

We also got to meet/BS with/drink (or jrink) with/hang out with a few fellow bloggers. We got some quality (as usual) time in with Rathbun, hatching a plan a la Ocean's Eleven to steal a picture from the lobby of a well-known bar in Seattle. It's amazing what folks will come up with after a few Rainiers, innit? We would post a picture of the meeting, but that would prolly tip off the authorities to the master plan involving a blowtorch, smoke bombs, go-go dancers with flamethrowers, and the getaway motorcycle...We've already said too much.

Wally accompanied us out for a night on the Westside, wherein we got lightly jrunk and talked about a veritable host of topics. We're pretty sure we hatched some plans too, but the recall isn't total. When we awoke the next day, we had a handful of BWTF stickers and a few odd shots on the camera.

While in TX, we met up with The Chick for tacos at Polvo's. For the folks that may not be up to speed on Mexican eatin', this ain't no Taco Bell. As some of you may have figured out, we loves us some pork done Mex, and the Flautas al pastor at this fine estblishment are enough to make an entire Mariachi band weep rasgones de la alegría.

And so RoadTrip '08 v.5 came to a close. 15 hours of travel, remember to pick up the dog, stumble in and light the pellet stove...

It's good to be home.


Flytimes said...

Ends up I was more than lightly jrunk. When it comes to Manhattens three IS too many.

Fly Fish Chick said...

was so fun to meet in person! glad yall made it back safe and look forward to your next pass through texas.