Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday, revisited.

We threw away all the numbers above 10 for the thermometer, and it seems as if things aren't ever going to thaw out around here.

Best thing to do is hunker down in the nest, and try to consume as many calories as possible to offset the cost of the heating bill.

This morning we indulged in a Neil Creek Estate ritual, the making of the Big Ass Pancake. Once every few weeks, we whip up an old fashioned "pan-cake" - yes, just ONE - with all the bells and whistles. Sour cream and bacon mixed into the batter, butter in the pan, butter on the topside for good crispy edges after you flip, a little syrup in the pan to make that nice, crunchy crust...Makes for a good morning of sittin' around with the Wife, sharin' coffee and a humongous slab of pan-fried flour and eggs.

Today, we went a little further in pushing the engineering of Big Ass Pancake construction. Unable to find the sour cream, we decided to get our smooth on with a few hunks of chèvre. The results were overshadowed by the fact that, without the sour cream, the Big Ass Pancake lacked the acid balance and moistness needed to showcase the cheese.

Lest you think us foodsnobs, we'll be the first to admit that it was still pretty damn good...then again, anything with bacon and goat cheese is, by definition, good.

The Big Ass Pancake

Close-up on Cheesy Bacon Goodness.

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John said...

Looks like you you might have used Bisquick by the texture of the Big Asa or twas it from scratch?

Tasted the Kimchi yet?


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