Friday, December 12, 2008

사랑과 양배추

오늘 우리는 진짜로 지루했다, 그래서 우리는 한국어를 가르치고 어떤 Kimchi를 만드는 것을 결정했다.

그것은 그것, 다만 약간 양배추, 사발 및 약간 소금 및 매운 소스를 만들기 위하여 다량을 가지고 가지 않는다.

Waaaait a minute. Y'all don't read Korean, do you?

Sorry. We forget sometimes.

At any rate, We embarked on a mission of food discovery today with the making of our first batch of Kimchi, that wonderfully salty, sour, and spicy Korean pickled cabbage.

We have started eatin' a lot more Kimchi lately, especially on our noodle breakfasts...little egg, some cilantro stems, Kimchi...and we would continue with this happy habit, except for the fact that Kimchi in AK is almost 6 bucks a pint. While we enjoys us some Kimchi, we ain't gonna fork over $24 a month just to eat asian sauerkraut in our noodles.

But as we stated before, we loves us some Kimchi, so there was only one solution...we had to make our own.

We started with a whole head of Napa Cabbage, quartered with the heart removed, then roughly chopped.

Add to that a pile of salt and let the cabbage give up its water for a few hours or so.

While you wait, mix up some rice wine vinegar, turbinado, and a healthy shot of Sambal olek.

After the cabbage has given up all the water it is gonna, squeeze the brine out then rinse a few times. Grate a little ginger and some garlic into the mix, then add a few chopped scallions. Dump in the vinegar/chile mix and stir for awhile.

After it sits for another hour or so, scoop it all into a pint jar and smash it in. Top with the remaining vinegar mix, stash it in a cool dark place for a week or two so it can ferment, and enjoy.

We'll see how this one turns out...Keep your fingers crossed and an epi pen handy.

행복한 먹기


Jean-Paul Lipton said...

tasty looking shit. I scarfed down a whole plate of kimchee for lunch.

Next time add some slivered carrots, radish and green onions top the mix. It'll blow your mind.

John said...

나는 확실히이 밝혀지 방법에 관심이 있어요

G_Smolt said...

It has green onions, but we'll try the radish/carrot combo next time.

We thought you might like it.