Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter, revisited.

We just got a spiffy-as-hell video camera and a sweet editing suite from that nice older couple we lived with for years...Thanks Ma n Pa.

This bad larry is waterproof, appears to be durable, and doubles as a 10Mp camera...we be pretty happy about this whole deal. Now we can get down to the serious business of havin' fun filmin' our buddies whoopin' it up on the local flows.

We did a little warmup shoot of the trusty 1993 Martin D-28 in action. We recently rediscovered our guitar and, happily, our love of playing the guitar. Pickin' on the mandolin is fun, but there is something about the mellow sound of a woodstove and a good guitar that makes winter so much more bearable. What you can't see in this picture is the dog, who is bedded down right below us. When we start pickin', he ambles over and plops down right underneath the chair. We would like to think that this is some form of commentary on our playing, but in all likelihood it is the woodstove that gets him least he doesn't howl like he does when we scratch the fiddle.

At any rate, enjoy.

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Jesse Lance Robbins said...

hey man, interesting to see this post. i've been fooling around with this guy: since spring and have been able to get some videos together with imovie. granted you just got your new cam, but how's she runnin? i'm curious to hear what you think. shoot me an email if you got time; . you can see some vids i put together with mine on the blog . take care. nice pickin