Sunday, November 23, 2008

On The Road Again

Thank dog for free bloody marys in first class.

After a windy takeoff on a semi-turbulent flight, we are on the road again. No great plans, more of a holidaze walkabout to visit relations we ain't seen in awhile.

Tomorrow's eve we hope to have a jrink or two with Thee Originoo and Wallace, if things go right. Waiting for confirmation on the location of the nearest PBR tap, you understand.

Monday will find us on the way to a long-forgotten flow with The Fanz and Ratbone, and we hope to hold court with the fall friends for a day or two before the siren song of familial responsibilities lure us back to civilization.

Sunday finds us off to the 3rd biggest state in the union...wait, we still haven't cut AK in half yet. We will grace the Greater Austin area with our presence for a week or so, soaking up sunshine, Shiner, and BBQ. Overtures have been made to the Fly Fish Chick to show us where to find the best taco and margarita combo in town...hopefully we can make a go of it.

Newsflashes as they happen. Full disclosure when we return to the compound in a few weeks.

Happy turksgivin', folks.

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