Friday, November 14, 2008

Lazy November.

Inside the compound.

Tough to get motivated when it gets dark around 3PM. Hell, we aren't even on our second cup o' joe and the damn sun is going down...wait, what sun? It is foggy and snowy and rainy so there is no sun, the light just sorta fades and the night leaks in.

As winter rolls around, we find ourselves displaying the atavistic traits shared by many of the Boreal rainforest mammals. Constant foraging, conservation of energy, extra fur growth, frequent torpor and a marked gain in adipose tissue are all signs that we are getting set for winter in a manner quite befitting of the endemic fauna.

By the middle of next week we will have either successfully devolved, gone barking mad, or we will be in the transition phase to "Outside Manners" - the relearning of common social mores and manners that all Alaskans have to undergo before leaving the state. It is a new requirement, post-election, to prevent homespun dumbassery from reaching out of its particular trailerpark and reflecting badly upon the rest of us up here.

At any rate, we're blowin' this popsicle stand next week for RoadTrip 08 v5, and this one we're gonna get to fish AND eat barbecue. Not at the same time, mind you, but within close enough temporal proximity to really make the rest of the winter suck out loud.

7 days, people.


Flytimes said...

the jrinking season is upon us.

G_Smolt said...

Joo ain't kiddin, wally.