Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Game On

Barring any weirdness on the work front, we will be flexing our fishing muscle pretty much nonstop all weekend. Work probably WILL interrupt our plans, but we're used to that by now. Oh well, a fella can dream, no?

Rathbun of Piscine Biathlon (and Moldy Chum) fame will be hollywooding his way into town this weekend to spend some quality time with our friends the fish. Weather permitting, we're gonna fly back up to the Mist Valley and see if we can't get a win on the road against some big bruisers. Also on the menu are jaunts to a few of the local flows, a crabbing excursion, the eating of much steak, and of course the obligatory excess drinking that is an integral element of any properly staged Piscine Biathlon, home or away - anyone know of a good stretching routine for the liver?


Game on in less than 24 hours, Fisha. Hopefully we don't look like this guy when it is over.

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