Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holla at a 'Ho

It seems that the sun has been relegated to cameo roles the last few months, coming out at random, unexpected moments to brighten up the otherwise monochromatic oeuvre that has largely defined our year here in SE AK.

Yesterday the sun chose to flex its muscle and demand equal billing with rain, clouds, and the new big-shot in town, Fog. Sun's manager should be applauded, because we got a full afternoon of sunshine only lightly interrupted by high overcast.

Hmmm...sunny, wind N 3kts, seas 2ft or less...sounds like RedNeckin' weather, so we loaded up the sled and went out lookin' for some salty 'ho.

The Fanz was the man of the hour, hooking 2 fish before we even had our rod rigged up. After that, we got our licks in for the first 45 minutes or so, but closer to the tide change the fish started cruising a little deeper. Our fly selection was pretty sparse, mostly lightweight stuff to be thrown with sinktips - perfect for the conditions, a fella would think. But the fish told us otherwise. They wanted bigger flies with heavier heads, thrown on floating line and retrieved all herky-jerky like. After watching the Fanz pick off a half-dozen in a row, we wrestled him to the deck and stole his flybox, holding on to it just long enough to get at one of those big, dumbbelled thingys he was throwing.

Things went better after the fly-change, and after a few moves to pattern the fish, we called it a day and glided back to the ramp on a mirror-flat afternoon bay, heavy with meat.

Coho Season, kids. And not a moment too soon.


junior said...

Fuck law school, I'm so fucking jealous I could burn this fucking place down. Fuck you.

G_Smolt said...

Easy there, Junior.

You don't wanna give up law school, we were planning on retaining you when you get out.

And besides, they're just coho. We got another dozen today in about 2 hours.