Monday, August 11, 2008

Testing, Testing...

Got a new horse, a new saddle, and a new hat...Not sure what the horse will do, the saddle ain't contoured to our butt yet, and the hat (as always) is a little tight.

After 7 years, several rebuilds, many spare parts and at least 2 total system scrubs, Old Glue bit the dust. Hopefully, the last 3 years of our photography and writing endeavors can be rescued from his charred carcass. Our head Slavedriver of an editor has assured us that not only is this possible, but it damn well better happen soon.

Old Glue, being attended to by the resident IT geek.

The New Horse -keys feel a bit funny, none of our old pirated complimentary software, but with a big ol' honkin' 22" flatscreen which, in case y'all haven't noticed, lets us work in 1600x900...if you have an old 950x600 monitor, you will just have to bear with us as we point and laugh at you. Sorry.

Now all we gotta do is get some time off to fill up the new photo archive. Ran a small tidewater sortie this evening, tag-teaming a local with the Fanz. 4 holes, piles of fish, in-n-out in 43:22.09...We should be in the damn Olympics or somethin'.


Anonymous said...

New computer = fish like that? Gotta upgrade!

mike said...

foul hooked?

G_Smolt said...

Depends on how you look at it.

The bead is pegged about an inch and a half above the hook, so when they suck it in, the hook sometimes hits the side or underside of the jaw.

Some may say foulhooked, but we say just part of the least it isn't in the gills, where most globugs end up.