Monday, August 25, 2008

Overflowin' with goodness

It was a good day to have the RedNeck ride, 'cause flyin' was out of the question.

Grubby weather today, with more SE 20kt and rain forecast. Great weather for pirates, though, because you can pretty much guarantee that when you finally get where you are going, chances are very slim that you will see anyone else crazy enough to be out in this crap. Once again, a hearty "Thank You" to all of the fairweather fishers of the world. Stay home, you ain't missin' a thing.

At any rate, the gettin' there sucked, and the gettin' back sucked even more, but once we got there, the getin' was good. And get we did.

The Fanz, proving once again that cheap crap in the right hands will outfish your ass on a downright predictable basis.

Our beautiful first-cast dance partner, giving us the 'Ho eye.

We lost track of time just like we lost count of fish - easily, because it doesn't really matter. When it's done, it's done, and that's when you leave. Daylight is only necessary to be legal, and as long as your GPS has batteries you can find your way home. Today it was done early, and we were done as well. Back into the ride, back to home.

Magis adipose quam plurimus populus, baby.

More adipose than mos' folks.

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Reel Pure said...

So clean, so bright, and so straight. You've inspired me to recruit Papa Rathbun and his boat to join me for a Whistle Buoy - Tatoosh smackdown. Monday morning, I too, may bring some Coho to hand.