Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We be sick.

Not as in deathbed sick. But then again, not just the walking sniffles that office-workers complain about.

Just sick enough to not be able to do anything.

Does that suck, or what? We were gonna go play hockey yesterday, one of the last ice times of the year, but we figured that in our tenuous condition, we would probably end up worse for wear than if we just stayed home and did nothing...

So we tied instead.



All of 'em getting tucked away until they go into the daily rotation.

There are rumors of fish in the locals, but we're gonna give them a break for the moment. When we get over this respiratory crap and are able to hike a few miles without coughing up a lung, it's game on, fish.

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mjpeel1231 said...

Hey would you be willing to share your "Money Bug" recipe w/a fellow SE AK'er. My name is Michael Peel and I'd like to try out that fly down here on Prince of Wales Island. Keep up the great work/ur blog!!