Thursday, April 17, 2008

Enough, Already.

Midway through the Rangers-Devils game last night, it started to snow. This would be rather un-noteworthy except for the fact that it was snowing like a bastard, and sticking too. As We were in the middle of a gear-prep session, we took this as an omen...but what was the root cause?

Tax Day?

The fact that Jersey had just scored?

The impending Steelhead season?

Us getting our gearwork done a full 3 weeks before guiding season?

After awhile the snow seemed to peter out, and we gave it no more thought. The more precipitation, the merrier. More water to fill our locals, sweep out the dust of winter, let the fish know that we are, in fact, open for business.

By dark, the snow had pretty much stopped falling, so it came as a shock to see so much of the white trash on the lawn this morning. Now, with nighttime temps of 25° and daytimes maybe ten degrees higher, it looks like all the locals that have been steadily rising and running will lock up again, delaying our finny friends yet another week or two.

Makes us wanna kill a groundhog, y'know?

Last night's happy little snow flurry.

Today's 12" of wet SE AK spring crud.

It's been spring for damn near a month...Enough, already.


The Groundhog Underground said...

I don't know how we got saddled with this whole winter/spring weather thing, but speaking for all groundhogs, I find your post offensive.

Threats of Groundhog Terrorism are not something our organization takes lightly.

G_Smolt said...

Quiet, or we'll take you and your ilk to Mongolia and use you as Taimen bait.