Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of the Haze

With the Folkfest over and the resulting pickers exodus from town, we have rejoined polite society in keeping normal hours, actually eating instead of drinking our meals, and trying to lose the twitchy, far-away look and ringing in our ears.

Tunes were played, beer was drunk, and good times were had by most. In semi-chronological order, we present the 2008 Folkfest in full surround-sound and Technicolor...

When your friday starts like this, you have nowhere to go but up.

From the Driver's Seat, 6:30 or so on saturday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Todd Grebe of Well Strung. After this jam session, We were told that we were in a new band of Todd's called "Whiskey Machine"...somethin' tells us this is gonna hurt.

Ray Troll and the Ratfish Revue...yes, THE Ray Troll. Of shirt and fish-art fame. Badass musician, too. Get his CD and listen to "Bombastodon".

Buddy Booth the WonderDog at the Bourbon Brunch. Buddy went completely nuts when the ceremonial food was brought out...

Speaking of ceremonial food...Behold.

The Pilot Cracker Playboys givin' it their all on a Sunday night.

Gary Markley, gittin' all of it from a supine position...yes, he's actually playing, not just restin'.

The aftermath of folkfest, on a bleary monday morning.

Todd in his Monday attire, gettin' all of "Old Joe Clark" with the Young Joe Baxter.

That's a wrap...now back to sleep for a few more days.


Fly Fish Chick said...

WHERE do I sign up for an invitation to this event?? I pretty much want to be a part of anything that involves corn dogs and red licorice. On the same plate

Great pix. Great post. Sorry about the recent dump of snow. Hang tight.

G_Smolt said...

Thanks, Chick.

You don't need an invite to the bourbon brunch, but it helps if you know some of the history, traditions, and characters that go along with it. That will get you a lot further in the Bloody Mary, bourbon, and Corndog department...if you play an instrument at all, sign up for next year's FolkFest, then be sure to pack an extra liver, some sleep deprivation insurance, and a spare fun gland. Everything from the Thursady night blowout to the monday afternoon Cajun dance is a hell of a good time.

Fly Fish Chick said...

love it. I'm not good with a musicial instrument but I will boogie with the best

I am such a fan of anything that has a 'bourbon brunch' and requires an extra 'fun gland'

top notch