Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daughter of Fog, Neice of Snow

As the days get longer and the sun climbs a little higher out of its southern groove, things start to happen in SE AK. The water starts to flow again, slowly at first, as if remembering its way to the sea, then with a little more vim and vigor as the sun gains a toehold on frozen slopes.

As the local flows rise, so do the hopes and expectations of the acolytes of Creek Woman, the ardent followers of the Daughter of Fog. In her ritual spring cleaning, she prepares the flow for her gift of the spring swimmers, the ones chosen by the fish as the first to ascend the water she pours from her basket. If all is right, the spring swimmers returns to the ocean to give the other salmon the news of safe passage.

As Creek Woman and her Auntie Snow awake from their slumber, we anxiously await her signal, her first pulses from the forest that call the spring swimmers home.

We're waiting.

We'll be there.

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