Sunday, December 2, 2007

Season of the Slow

15° Outside. East wind, movin' off the icefield at 20kts.

Nothing left to do but prepare the den for hibernation.

Like most other Large Omnivorous Mammals of the Boreal Forest, when the winter chill sets in, we enter a state of torpor. Not quite hibernation, but we ain't tickin' off no 6-minute miles, either.

Preparing the layer of adipose tissue that keeps us warm is of the essence now. The increased consumption of malted, hopped beverages goes a long way towards this end, as well as the high level of red meat intake. Since almost all of the deer on our Island croaked during last year's record snowfalls, the meat of choice this year is Cow. Sure, you get funny looks when you are stalking a Chuck Roast in the meat aisle of your local supermarket, and they don't offer much in the way of Fair Chase, but the "Organic, Grass-Fed" is close enough to real meat to fill the bill.

What about Fish, you say?

Fish are Spring and Summer food. We have a stash of Halibut, some smoked King, and a few Sockeye in the freezer, but fish are for warm-weather eatin'. Fish are for movin' fast, low to the ground...not suitable for winter sustenance.

At any rate, the long dark is now upon us. Just like the other endemic mammals of our SouthEast ecosystem, it is time to hunker down, keep warm, and expend as little energy as possible.

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