Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bling Fishin'

Just got an e-missive from Killer K with a dandy set of photos from one of our trips last spring. If memory serves correctly, this is the trip he threatened to throw his "weenie stick" into the depths. For those that don't know, the Winston BIIx 10 wt. is more suited for small stockers than angry 30+ lb Kings. It may cast like a dream, but it has a backbone limper than Bobby Petrino's. Why Winston discontinued the Ibis will remain a mystery, but at least they got it right with the new BIImx...

But we Digress.

K K with 40 inches of love

Nothin' like a little saltwater flyrod bling to make a grown man weep uncontrollably onto his keyboard.

If there ever was an appropriate time for such behavior, now is probably as good a time as any. The Winter Doldrums have set in, and we spend much time gazing at photos of years past, fiddlin' with gear, and generally moping around waiting for Spring and the return of our beloved friends.

Gonna be down Sea-town way in a few days, and we'll be packin' heat. Got a message on the telex that there are fresh fish to be had in the old home creek, so we're planning to meet up with the Fanz and D, see if we can't get a result.

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John said...

I have an Ibis 9wt. and love it. Towards the end of it's lifecycle they were making the Ibis in China. This caused a rename at the local shop to Chibis. Winston added the overseas made Vapor and Ascent, which were around the same price point and market segment. My BIIx is a 5 wt. and it is -oh so sweet-. If the local boys here ever get their shipment of BIIMX rods I will be taking one out for a little test drive. The boys were impressed with the MX 10wt.