Sunday, December 2, 2007

Focus, dammit.

We here at Neil Creek don't mean to be the seasonal grinches that we seem to be coming off as in our post-RoadTrip bloggin'...

For this, we are sorry. We will try to focus on all that is good and right, and not wallow in a pit of despair and woe.

In the upcoming months We will be occupying our time at the Neil Creek R&D Complex, renewing our friendship with zap-a-gap and polar chenille, and in general making the Wife freak out at the amount of krystalflash and bunny fuzz in the carpet. Time will be spent planning the Blitz Occupation of both Texas and Hawaii, Focussing on the 3 B's...Bars, Beaches, and Barbecue. Naturally, fishing paraphenalia will accompany us on our travels, but the real joy will be in going to places where the water isn't frozen, or about to be.

It is also time to go through the Official Neil Creek Archiving Device and post a few photos of the first friends whose arrival we eagerly await in late April...

Focus, dammit.

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