Sunday, December 30, 2007

Borrowed Time

The 12 days of Christmas is such a nice song, it almost makes a fella forget that travelling around the holidays can be a hassle of Brobdingnagian proportions.

Day 12 of the Christmas travels wears heavy upon us. AK, to WA, to TX, back to more borrowed day until we get back home.

We probably would have had more Christmas spirit this year had we not been sick as a flophouse dog, coughing and sneezing our way through the presents on Cristmas day. What started out as an inconsequential sniffle at 58°19'59"N 134°29'49"W turned into a raging respiratory infection by the time we got to 30°29'12"N 97°39'18"W.

Merreh Gchristmu. At least that's what we said.

Hooked up with the Southern D (as opposed to the Northern D) for a laid-back session at the old home water. No matter how hard you try, you can't go home again. Signs looked good for a few stretches, with decent vis and good flow, but this ain't the 80's and the runs certainly aren't the same anymore. We lost a little gear, cursed at the flow some, then retired to the old eatin' place for a burger.

No fish, but a fun time anyway, and We got to see some of the old country and it's new inhabitants. Southern D is as bad as we are, shutterbuggin' his way though the day like a tourist at Disneyland. One of a few pics at the old stompin' grounds...
Borrowed computer, Borrowed photos, Borrowed gear...the last of 2007.
See you in the New Year.

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SteelieD said...

Well, at least you look like you know what you are doing! Seriously, look foraward to doing it again soon, with better results!


'Southern D'