Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Christmahaunakwanzaakah Day, Dammit

Haunakah was a little quick this year.

Over by the 12th of December is no way to celebrate a season...Holy smokes, that wasn't even Winter.The whole Yiddish Calendar thingy kinda needs an update.

Kwanzaa is a ways off. We have to wait 'til the other holiday comes and goes, then we gonna get some seasonal lovin' in on the 26th. Gonna be halfway through the Boxing Day shopping when Kwanzaa starts, though. Well, maybe we'll just get all Festivus on the 23rd and avoid all that other crap.

Dammit. We'll still be hungover from Yule on the 21st. Nothin' like a little Yule goat, y'know?

As with most traditions, We here at Neil Creek tend to get a little Bah-Humbuggy around the holiday season. Many things contribute to this condition, but mostly it just fits our general demeanor when it comes to "pre-boxed" thinking and ritual.

So, Happy Holidays and all that crap. We are gonna be on the road from Dec 18th to the 31st, but we will try to post a few updates as we go along.

Fishing for a little NiCr love in WA is in the works, as is a Wassailing Session with the dynamic duo over at the Moldy Chum. We're sure that there will be at least one other unscheduled Yule session, and something tells us that the Fanz and the Right Rev will be bellied up beside us at some point too.

Stocker fishing in TX is probably a no-go, which is sorta lame seein' as how those stunted little pondmonkeys probably best exemplify the warping of intent so prevalent during Xmas season. We were actually lookin' forward to redneckin' around behind a hatchery truck with a snoopy outfit in one hand and a can of corn in the other.

Grinch or no, we still loves us a good gift. Merely warming up with her strong birthday performance, the Wife bears down around the holidays and gets her Elf on. This year, She got us one of those Patagucci Zip-front Down Sweaters, and it rules. Damn thing is so warm n comfy it's like wearing a sleeping bag around.

If you think you got a big enough toy sack to out-Santa the Wife, send all your offerings and tidings of joy to 58°19'59"N 134°29'49"W...Ho ho ho, dammit.

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