Friday, January 30, 2009

Are we finished yet?

Just before noon today.

That's when we got done with an order for some saltwater dude, 2 dozen custom flies for big, nasty fish.

"2 dozen" you say, "That doesn't sound like much of a big deal".

Any fly that is over 10", has hook(s) larger than 5/0, or requires hair-grooming tools and products to manage and manipulate the materials constitutes a big deal in our book. Rest assured that we're gettin' a pretty penny for all the effort, but we don't think the Wife is gonna let us take on any more "custom orders" - she didn't mind the hair-dryer trick, but she drew the line at the use of her $25 a can hairspray.

Besides, we think we're allergic to bunny-fuzz. If we weren't before this, we sure as hell are now.

Just for reference, that's a 6" straightedge.

The ONE bubbly epoxy job in the whole bunch, and we get a close-up of it...


Anonymous said...


SteelieD said...

What in the hell is he gonna fish for with those?

Anonymous said...

With the stinger, I'd say cuda? But that's a lot to sacrifice for one usage. Sailfish?