Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RoadTrip '09 v1.1

On the road again, peeps.

This time we're on our way to beyootiful downtown Bellevue, WA. For the 3rd year in a row, we're donating our time and tongue to the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska at the Fly Fishing Show, Feb. 6-7-8 at the Meydenbauer Center. Joining us in the booth for the 2nd year in a row will be the man, the myth, the legend...AKA Whitey. We will also have Ratbone on hand saturday, lending his time and considerable charisma to help save Bristol Bay.

From there it's off to a rendezvous with Senor Kerr of Forks, WA, and if the weather cooperates, we're all gonna sneak around a few flows, see if we can't find a willing dance partner or two, hopefully of the native persuasion...

...Then a quick hop down to Stumptown, OR, and another Fly Fishing Show, this time at the PDX Convention Center, Feb 14-15. We're gonna pre-funk at the headquarters of the Oregon Chapter of The Sierra Club on Friday the 13th, throwin' down 2 good flicks on Bristol Bay - Equilibrium and Red Gold. Word around the campfire is that Jefe is gonna provide beer n' snacks, so if you are in the neighborhood, drop on by.

Bacon has also (grudgingly) agreed to take us fishin' later that week, so we fully expect to be trussed and blindfolded in the back of a pickup chuggin' somewhere within the continental US, taggin' along with a fella reputed to be among the fishiest. As we have pointed out many a time, we ain't the smoothest dude with a two-hander, so we're hopin' to measure success by not hookin' him, his dog, or wrappin' us all up in a big macrame of skagit line and feathers.

If you are at either the shows, stop on by the booth to check out the latest updates on Bristol Bay, check out the daily screenings of Red Gold, or just stop by and say Hi.

Updates as they happen, and as we figure out the 'pooter - we have a laptop now, but that doesn't make us E-wizards.

See you on the road.

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