Monday, February 23, 2009


He loved rubbies and scratchies, especially behind his ears.

He really enjoyed tearing the stuffing out of little stuffed animals.

He really didn't like it if you messed with either his toes or his tail.

He thought that laps were invented for his sole enjoyment.

He loved bacon grease.

He loved playing with his ropes, hanging off the end while you swung him around and around.

If you gave him a whole peanut, he would nibble it very daintily, then spit out the shell and eat the peanut.

He sang with us every time we played the fiddle.

He loved laying in front of both the pellet stove and the oil heater.

He used to bury his bones in the dirty laundry pile.

His mortal enemy was the vacuum cleaner.

He loved sunshine.

When he was younger, he loved going for rides in the truck.

He used to follow us around the house all day, just to be near us.

He used to really like sleeping under the covers.

He hated having his nails trimmed.

We never had trouble finding a dog-sitter.

He would take 20 minutes to go 100 yards on his walks...everything required a sniff or a lick.

He loved chewing on wood...sticks, twigs, logs, trees...he loved 'em all.

Besides the peanut trick, the only other trick he knew was "Sit".

He didn't like porcupines...or cats, or other dogs...or other animals in general.

He once bit a horse when he was little.

He never liked the rain.

He enjoyed stalking and attacking our feet.

He left a hole in us that won't be filled.

He's not in pain anymore.

He is still loved, still remembered, and still celebrated.

Tramp, aka The Pooper.

October 1992 - February 2009


John said...

Darn. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a cool pooch, er... I mean Pooper.

Anonymous said...

never easy, fella. so sorry to hear about your pup.

Moldychum said...

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.
~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Sorry to hear G_. He was waiting for you to get back home.

Yacht Club said...

so sorry for your loss. our thoughts are with you.

Yacht Club said...
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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Tom Chandler said...

Sun never sets on one part of the world without rising on another. Godspeed, Pooper.

Chris said...

That's a tough love ever.

Smithhammer said...

"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's."
- M. Twain

Mark said...

Dogs with character are true treasures. That hole he left gets filled with memories as the days go by.

Steelie Mike said...

Sorry about the loss homie.

dsflyfishing said...

Sorry brother. Love love love the photos - thanks for sharing

bobby savoy said...

Pooper lived the good life. Sorry for your loss.