Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exotic species, v1

D-gro sent us an email from Baja Sur the other day, ostensibly to say hi, long time no see, but also to rub his recent tropical fishing success in our cold runny nose.

It is a good thing that D finally got some sun. Possibly the whitest man in AK, D-gro lets his Minnesota roots show by wearing tube-socks in the boat...as if a Fisha never heard of tevas.

It ain't steelhead, but it DOES look like fun...

Muchacho blanco con los pescados

We cropped the socks out of this one - we can't let a fisha be seen in such a state.

It wouldn't be complete without the obligatory food shot. Some small cantina, some hot afternoon, some cold beer and spicy salsas.

Bueno en usted D-gro, usted bueno hecha.

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