Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Wife is in TX tending to familial matters for the next week, so we're holding down the shopping duties for the staff of the Neil Creek Estate. Lately, the dog has become more finicky in his eating habits...not sure if it's just old age coming to roost, or the fact that maybe he really likes it when we get down there next to his food bowl and spoon-feed him an entire can of "chicken chunks in gravy". At any rate, the pooper-fuel of choice is now a toss up between the aforementioned chunks and "meat loaf for dogs", a smooth greyish paste of ambiguous origins. The meatloaf is probably easier for his near-toothless mouth to get around, but he seems to like the bite-sized offerings of the chicken chunks, especially with a little bacon grease - but then again, he once ate a cardboard box that had bacon grease on it.

With the nutritional needs of the Supreme Leader taken care of, we had a chance to do a little shopping for ourselves. We managed to navigate the supermarket without getting lost, and we would like to believe that we have met our basic nutritional needs for the week to come. With the addition of a few green things - vegetables, not unintentionally green things - it appears as if we might survive this week in relative comfort.

Just add a flat screen tv, 239 channels, and a beer fridge...


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Flytimes said...

yer missing some sort of non dairy cheese product.