Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's a Wild Thing.

Last Thursday night we ponied up 30 clams to do a little eatin' on behalf of our friends, the Wild Salmon.

To some, this presents a paradox...why eat the very thing that you spend so much time, effort, and money to save? Aren't Wild Salmon going extinct? Aren't they endangered everywhere?

Yes, some stocks are endangered. Some are on the verge of extinction. Yet in other regions, Wild Salmon are THE economy, and their protection and conservation for future generations of user-groups is first and foremost, regardless of what toadies for multi-national mining conglomerates are paid to say.

The recent closures and delays in the coastal CA and OR salmon fishery were implemented due to low return forecasts, and among the biologists there was much hand-wringing over "dead zones" in the ocean, as well as "depressed ocean survival". While we are certain that these extant conditions have contributed to a massive stock collapse, there are other factors that don't get the airplay that they should...


Water Export.

Habitat loss from collateral damage of other resource-extraction industries.

Habitat loss through Civil Planning...or "Reassignment", a catchy little euphemism.

Detrimental Management Practices.

The laundry list goes on and on. For some, the battle is over. "Why try to stop progress?", they say..."We'll save the Wild Salmon by eating farmed"...

Why Wild is a new arm of TU aimed at getting all of the user groups and stakeholders on the same page, forming a community dedicated to saving Wild Salmon and Steelhead stocks for future generations. By promoting the eating of Wild Salmon, the organization aims to increase awareness of the problems facing wild salmon, and offers support in the form of financial incentive to save them.

(Image from the WhyWild website)

It sounds counterintuitive, but we have a feeling that this one could unite Sport, Commercial, and Industry interests like nothing before. Check 'em out at the link above, and keep an open mind...

On another note, the siren song of the auction table proved overpowering that night, and we left a whole pile of clams on it to be the proud new owner of a commemorative twig from the kind folks at R.L. Winston.

We need another flyrod - especially a 7wt - like we need a hole in the head, but this one was a particularly sexy wand. Donated by Winston to TU Alaska, with the proceeds going towards the fight against the Proposed Pebble Mine, this pretty little BII-x inked "Saving Bristol Bay, 1 of 1" will join its brethren in our stable, to be used and enjoyed.

It's a Wild Thing. Belly up and vote.

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