Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Get This Over With

Weeping just won't do.

The vacation is over, and it's time to face the snow and rain again. If we lived in, say, SoCal or FLA, this would probably be a much easier transition, but going from 83° and blue skies to 29°, overcast, and snowing sorta sucks...

...Which might explain our lethargy this week. More writing deadlines loom, hook geekery is in the air, and yet we sit paralyzed, struck dumb that our beautiful tan is now peeling like a stripper on payday.


One violent outpouring of reminiscing, one cathartic display of photographs and memories, then we can get on with our lives, despite the fact that we are no longer at sunny 21°52'43"N, 159°28'08"W. If there is one thing that keeps us sane about this sorry state of affairs it is this fact, people:

Steelhead is now less than 40 days away.

Even though warm waters, sandy beaches, and blue skies are super-cool, they don't have a damn thing on Chrome. And if there ain't Chrome, we ain't livin' there.

Let's get this over with.

Fish Storm...these Convict Tang really seem to piss off the other reef-dwellers when they sweep in, munch everything off the coral, and go about their merry way.

Bird of Paradise

Peacock Flounder

Yellowfin Goatfish

Yellowspotted Jack


Mac Salad, Poke, and Seaweed...The Holy Trinity +1

Mmmm Poke

Sandwich Isles Soul Food - Ribs, Rice, Mac Salad

Green turtle

Grubby Greenie

We snorkeled on a turtle cleaning station one day...there were about 10 turtles waiting to have their carapaces cleaned by an attendant horde of Convict Tang.

Found a Pufferfish trapped by the low tide...Fugu, anyone?

Convict Tang

Redlip Parrotfish, initial phase

Christmas Wrasse, Terminal phase


black Triggerfish

A band of Trumpetfish

Another cleaning station...Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse attending to a Convict Tang and a Bluespine Unicornfish while a Hawaiian Seargant waits behind them.

Surfer...not us.

Ho'ai sunset

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


The Trout Underground said...

Uh... Hello? Bikini shots?? Where are the bikini shots?

You're never going to get ahead at this until you start playing by the rules...

G_Smolt said...

I have a few, but they're of my wife. I would post them, but then you would have to clean out a room for me...

SteelieD said...

Nice pix dude. Looks awesome!