Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rabbits, and the Last of the Corned Beef

Springitis has set in at the Neil Creek Mansion and National Monument.

The Wife is going nuts because her garden is still covered with snow...matter of fact, it's snowing right now...and she can't get her hot little hands in the dirt and get all green-thumby yet.

Meanwhile, We sit around looking at the snow, thinking about how many more weeks of this stuff we will have to endure before we can finally be with the fish again.

Makes for a joyful household, it does.

Our pain was lessened last week with the arrival of St. Paddy's day, which seems to be the last reasonable excuse left as to why two otherwise healthy 30-somethings would cook and consume 6 lbs of salted, preserved meat in a matter of days. Did we mention the part about the beer?

At any rate, several snadwich and beer sessions were required to kill off the corned beast. We are happy to report that it was last seen hiding between two slices of rye, severely wounded, on a plate near a tankard of ale.

Maybe the boys over at The Drake will appreciate this...

And as for the whole bunny-egg-jesus thingy today, We think that Bill Hicks said it best...enjoy.

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