Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggedy-jog.

Back, and officially done with show season. While the fight to save Bristol Bay continues on the front lines, we will be behind the curtain pulling levers and speaking into the microphone. Soon to be out from Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska is the "how-to" manual for hosting a RedGold movie night for your fly fishing club or organization...many thanks to Hick for gettin' the first one done up proper and paving the way for future functions.

We had fun hangin' with and (not to be confused with B2), chowin' down on Mex, Steax, Drinx, and BS. Lookin' forward to the next time, gents.

Big Honkin' Thanks to Cap'n Rajeff for the fine Thai meal Sunday night, and thanks to the Dalai Larimer for the company, conversation, and 30-minute-wonder spey lesson. We owe you both.

And while we're at it with the shameless pandering and casual sentimentality, we wanna give a shout out to a blast from the past...

Just before we left for Cali last week, the phone rang. Being the semi-civilized, mostly upright bipedal mammals that we are in the morning, we stared at the unknown, out-of-state number on the caller ID in mute incomprehension for a ring or two, then decided to answer it.

Us: "Hello?"
Them: "Is this ____ __________?"
Us: "...Uhh...Yeah."
Them: "HAHA! Whazz up Sucka?"
Us: "...Mmmm...not much...?"

...And for a minute or so, we had no idea what was going on. The voice on the other end of the phone was reciting names and places from what seemed like years ago with casual familiarity, and somewhere in the yet-to-be-caffiene-jumpstarted region of our rather small brain we could almost picture the person on the other end of the blower.

Then he said his name...

...and for about a half-hour, we caught up with one of the old college crew, Davey B. Livin' somewhere in CheeseWorld now, he's married and fishes as much as he can, but not as much as he wants to. Damn shame, 'cause this kid is one of the' fool, and one of the cats that helped us along the path.

Good to hear from you, man...even if the circumstances were not optimum, we appreciate the call.

Don't be a stranger now, hear?


junior said...
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junior said...

Send us one of those how-to packets when you've got them ready. We should be able to pull a big audience down here, what with all the tree-hugging soon-to-be liars running around loving on mother earth...