Friday, March 6, 2009

55 Days...

...And counting.

The photographic capture and rendition of falling snow is an art form, one that we have yet to successfully engage in. We have no problem sneaking up on and photographically ensnaring the snow while it is resting upon the landscape, but we can't seem to digitally grasp the particular reckless insouciance with which the March snow seems to fall. This, however, does not prevent us from trying.

Scenes of snow at rest from the last of the semi-sunny days for awhile.

4 to 8 inches of accumulation expected today, more tomorrow, with a slight respite forecast sometime next week - Anyone have the number for the groundhog? We need to give him a piece of our mind on this whole "Winter" business.

55 days.

1320 hours.

That's all that separates this-

From this.


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