Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Full-Geek

Occasionally, we have been known to be a little obsessive about our hobbies.

Ok, more than occasionally.

We had a chance to sit under the wings of some of the two-handed masters this winter, and we tried to absorb all of the casting and fishing knowledge that we could from these badasses without being an obsequious tool about it. All of these Jedi are really cool guys, easy to be around and willing to delve into the theory of 2-handed casting at the drop of a geeky hat.

To y'all that helped us get our head around taper profiles, recovery speeds, loop braking, 2-handed drift, top- and bottom-hand theory...Thanks. Y'all didn't need to listen to - much less answer - questions from some fool who wanted to get to the bottom of the geekiness, but you did.

The wife would also like a word with you...something about a bank account and a shotgun, or something...

The following is an essay in geekese, with the spoils of the sickness so far...

Echo TR 7130...the gateway rod. So easy to cast a Skagit compact, it should be illegal.

Winston BII-mx 6116...the über-underhand stick. Butta wit' a 425gr 35' head. Summer-runs, beware...

Loop Multi 8130...the Boomer. We decided that swinging for kings would be the next logical step in the sickness, so...

Redington CPX 5106...because you can never have enough switch rods. Seriously.

Beulah Platinum 6126...the Smoove Groover. Summer-runs in the cold H20 should be seriously nervous, 'cause this twig throws tips like a beast.

...Not to mention a whole pile o' lines to go with the above sticks.

So thanks again, gents. Next time we meet up, beer's on our tab...if we can still afford it.

An keep your eyes peeled for a shotgun-totin' Mama that might want a word with you...she's more dangerous than she looks.

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