Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yo Ho Ho and a can of warm Budweiser.

Commandeered the G-skiff the other day,with the express purpose of getting to the booty without getting the RedNeck Ride all wet and dirty. Just about the end of kings, so we decided that a few more fish were needed to make the masses happy. Gotta make sure the larder is stocked, right? We look out for our own...fellow pirates never go hungry during king season.

Excuses #325, #14, and #231 came into play, but even with the bright sun we still managed to catch shallow fish. The G got a little excited in the thick of battle and decided to go full-on pirate on his last king, foregoing a kill-rope and bleeding it right there on the deck.

Oh well...his boat, his booty, his rules of plunder.

Pretty much over the kings for the year. The humpies have shown up which makes it officially July, and you know what that means, kids...

Only 15 more shopping days 'til Bead Season.

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