Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuff we like, Two

Had a hell of a time figuring out if this got filed under "Things that make us go Hmmm" or "Breakfast of Champions". It does make us go Hmmm, but in a contented sort of fashion, and it is so much more than mere breakfast.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you White Folks' answer to Muktuk...the Nanaimo Bar.

A 2" x 2" x 1/4" square of Coconut and graham crackers held together with butter, upon which is lavishly spread a fat quarter inch of buttercream, topped by chocolate...with butter in it. Probably close to 800 calories, most likely 250% of your daily fat intake (most of it unsaturated), sort of like gluing 5 pounds of fat to your ass every time you eat one...If there is a Fat Hell, this is the sign for the express lanes.

But DAMN, they're good. The bonus is, eat one and you don't need to eat again for damn near 8 hours. Get a tall extra-shot Breve in with that, you got close to 1700 calories and all the caffeine a fella could want.

Nothin' against muktuk, but we're gonna stick with these. A little easier to explain to the neighbors, you understand.


SteelieD said...

Yeah, those ARE good!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is Canadian eh. We house sit for them at least once a month. As payment they bring over Nanaimo bars and beers eh. I found you can eat three bars before you go into a coma.