Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ow, revisited.

Spent a little time this afternoon on the Gong Show Flats, chasing the small and generally enjoying the spectacle of public fishing. Fishin' was good, but it turns out catchin' was better - We got a whopper.

We were bending over to release a fish when the hook came free under tension...Let's just say that we're happy we were wearing glasses, or we woulda been diggin' a bead out of our left eye.

Not exactly the worst hook job we have endured recently, but it still stung a tad. Owner Mosquitos are sharp little buggers, but next time we'll figure out a better way to check the sharpness of our hooks.

1 comment:

narwhal said...

Ouch! It was good seeing ya man. Let's talk about slaying them in Sept!!