Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Weekend '09

Just about fully recovered from FolkFest.

Many tunes were picked, many beers were drunk, many hours were spent in, beside, with, and around music as made by both amateur and professional musicians. We got the chance to catch up with a few folks we haven't seen for years, and got to pick well into the daylight with like-minded citizens of the string.

We're not gonna type much more, partly because the folkfest experience is an event that must be experienced live, in real-time, to be fully understood. The whole undertaking would be somehow cheapened in a simple, linear translation, and so many portions of the scene need to be viewed in situ to make much sense at all...

...But mostly, we're not gonna type much more 'cause our fingers still hurt like hell from the saturday night sauna jam - once again, you had to be there.

Scenes from a lost weekend.

And for your listening enjoyment...

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