Monday, April 6, 2009

High and Outside

Got an email from D-Gro earlier today, with a few words and a set of pictures that tell a long story.

Seems that D, Lawnmower, and the Dirty Hippie were gonna get a jump on this year's steelheading by taking a ski-plane into one of the many flows around here. Good thinking, provided the meadow that you intend to land in doesn't have 30" of fresh pow over a rotten crust...

...After 5 hours of digging, pushing, shoving, sweating, and swearing, they finally got the plane turned around and onto a snowshoe-stamped runway. Little did they know that the should have just cut their losses and come back with the magic carpet.

We're sure they had fun, though. First tracks on any river is always fun, even if there is 8' of snow on the bank and 65 cfs in the channel...

Just means more time to drink beer.

Notice the ditch dug by the belly-tank.

Apparently, everything had to come out of the plane to unstick it.

Dirty Hippie pushin' a wing with Lawnmower tryin' to reel in the port-side...D-gro, well away from where any actual work was happening, snappin' pictures.

There's always next time, boys. Give 'em hell.

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