Thursday, September 25, 2008

Steppin' Back In

Went to visit a local flow yesterday, totin' the bead rod and a bouquet of flowers to have a little conversation with the jiltee.


"Yeah. But we came back. Back to you. Doesn't that count for anything?"

"That other river didn't mean a thing to us. It was only fishin'"

"Yeah...did you put a new logjam on? It looks nice"

"We know...sorry"

Only a little guilty for steppin' out on our beloved local flows, we eased back into the game yesterday only to find that 2 rainy weeks had changed things considerably. With a recent freeze locking up a lot of water, the flows are shaping up nicely, but some of them seem...different. Logs in logless holes. New gravel bars. Braids? Those weren't there...Dammit, where are all the salmon?

On the other hand, it's like christmas all over again. Newer versions of old friends, waiting to show you the new outfit, yearning to tell you what they've been up to since you've been gone. Fishing is a little tougher now that the salmon are mosty gone, but somehow that makes it more exciting, more focused.

This is a conversation we have been looking forward to for weeks.

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