Sunday, September 7, 2008

On your mark, get set...

Indigenous Summer lasted all of 7 1/2 hours yesterday, and now the weather is back to being standard fall poo.

We used the last day of sun wisely, throwin' down a mini-picnic with the wife out on the front porch. Slaw dog, chips, beer...a good way to send off the summer. By the way, if you haven't had a Slaw dog with Bleu cheese-Bacon Slaw, you haven't had a Slaw dog.

Things have been busy around the sprawling Neil Creek Complex as of late. Gear is being checked, rechecked, inventoried, stacked, packed, and generally abused, which can only mean one thing...

Road Trip.

That's right, the Neil Creek Traveling Roadshow and Beer Fountain is making an appearance somewhere south and west of Anchorage next week, riding shotgun with the Narwhal for 4 days of rainbow fishin'. This is the warm-up trip, the pre-game stretch, the shakedown cruise before the big one on the 18th, when we will be back up there to red-line it with Northern D and the boys for 3 days of full-on fish madness.

We're tryin' our level best to be cool and calm about this whole thing, but inside we're runnin' around like an 8-year-old on a sugar-high. We don't get a lot of rainbow fishing in here in the rainforest (and no, Steelhead are NOT just big, sea-run rainbow trout), so this whole thing is gonna be a wild ride.

Leaving tomorrow on the evening jet, touchin' down after sunset. We're dizzy with anticipation, but that could just be the nail polish fumes...

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